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Welcome to Profectum!

Profectum comes from the Latin for "advancement or progress,” and Profectum Foundation is dedicated to advancing the development of all children, adolescents and adults with autism and special needs.

We believe that a person’s growth and development depend on incorporating new learning and experiences to get to the next stage of development. Similarly, we believe that the intervention approaches that parents and practitioners use to help individuals with special needs also must advance and evolve to incorporate new ideas, new knowledge and reflect the most up-to-date research – they should never be static.  more>>

Parent Education Program Now Available

Profectum's Parent Educational Program consists of over 40 educational webcasts compiled from Profectum's various conferences and others especially created for the parents program to target themes relevant to parents.

A large focus of this program is understanding the DIR-FCD/Floortime Model and using the principles of the approach to foster development. This program consists of a series of educational webcasts focused on specific themes requested of us by parents. Online chat forums and monthly "theme focused" calls with Profectum faculty provide opportunities for discussion of webcast content. Webcasts will be available for one year from date of purchase.

News & Upcoming Events


5th Annual New York Conference
October 18, 2015
Gerald W. Lynch Theatre at John Jay College
New York, NY


3rd International Conference
Webcasts Coming Soon!

[ Conference Brochure ]
March 13-15, 2015
Pasadena Convention Center
Pasadena, CA


 Clinical Case Seminar Series
for Profectum Certificate Holders
Feb, Mar, Apr, May & Jun 2015
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Upcoming Profectum Faculty Events
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4th Annual New York Conference
November 16, 2014
Conference Webcast Subscriptions Available
[ Conference Website ]


Parent Educational Program
Non-certificate program providing access to a collection of 40+ webcasts addressing the needs of parents.


Read about Serena Wieder's Book
Visual/Spatial Portals to Thinking, Feeling and Movement
by Serena Wieder, PhD & Harry Wachs, OD
"This is a very valuable book - especially for parents and professionals who deal with children with special needs and autism. I recommend that you read it and treasure it." - T. Berry Brazelton, MD - Professor of Pediatrics, Emeritus Harvard Medical School, Founder, Brazelton Touchpoints Center


Education Certificate Program
The Profectum Education Certificate Program is a 1-year online program for teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals and related service providers working in school settings who want to integrate the Profectum DIR-FCD* school model into their practice.

Professional Certificate Programs

Training and Certification from Originators of DIR Model Certification and Training


NEW Training Programs!
Groups forming now!
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Tutoring Program
Profectum is providing individual and small group tutoring.
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Participants in Profectum’s training programs for professionals receive a Profectum Academy Certificate in DIR and the Foundational Capacities for Development.  These programs are created by Serena Wieder (Founder of the original DIR Institute and co-creator of the DIR/Floortime Model) and Profectum’s highly experienced faculty.

Experience matters! The Profectum Faculty is comprised of nearly 60 professionals with more than 1000+ years collective experience working with individuals with special needs. Our multi-disciplinary faculty comes from the fields of mental health, medicine, education, OT, PT, developmental optometry, speech and creative arts included.

Learn more about Profectum’s professional training and certification programs that have the depth and quality you expect from the most qualified faculty in the DIR model.

Recent Webcasts & Learning

The most extensive library of webcasts on DIR and the Foundational Capacities for Development

Profectum Foundation records most of our conferences and other sessions and makes them available as webcasts so that they can be more accessible to a larger audience. Learn more about our entire library of webcasts.

Awakening Potential through Brain Science
Profectum's 2nd International Conference presents new research into how the brain thinks, creates and feels. This scientific progress also reveals that for each person, brain plasticity allows competencies to develop even when early indications imply limitations. Details>>

Overcoming Barriers to Progress
Profectum's 3rd Annual Conference in New York City brought together expert guest speakers and parents to help you understand the barriers to progress and “how to” move forward when they arise.  Details>>

P.L.A.Y.® Project
Dr. Richard Solomon demonstrates effective play-based interventions with young children with autism spectrum disorder.
Developmental Approach to Anxiety
Dr. Ricki Robinson's new presentation on the use of a developmental approach to address anxiety in children with ASD. Details >>

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